What we offer

We are a 360˚ agency. We create everything that is interesting, digital, mystic, visual, printing and marketing related – and more. We specialize in providing comprehensive marketing projects, from A to Z. There is nothing we love more than a really effective campaign. Try working with us.
Visual merchandising

Visual merchandising

We create an experience that amazes, inspires and brings clients closer. We create irresistible temptation. That is the secret of our success. In practice, this is the knowledge and experience that STUDIO FORM has been acquiring since shopping centres were first established in Poland. We design, test and produce display materials for the windows of shops or service centres. We are inspired by everyday life, seasons and trends. How can you create the best window display campaign? Show! (don’t tell) and remember that your Client has five senses and not one!
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Konsultacje / Audyt VM

VM consultations / audit

Show us your shops, and we will advise you on how to make them a true calling card for your brand.

Aranżacja witryn sklepowych

Window displays

Your window displays are the most important promotional medium for your brand. Make full use of them.



Make use of our packaging system for POS materials and package delivery- always on time, anywhere in the world.

Kompleksowa realizacja kampanii marketingowych w sieciowych salonach sprzedaży

Comprehensive marketing campaigns in showrooms

Design, printing, assembly, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Produkcja i montaż materiałów Visual Mechandising

Production and assembly of Visual Mechandising materials

In store promotional materials, sheets, backdrops, production, printing and assembly by the STUDIO FORM team.

Realizacja nietypowych kampanii w sieciach handlowych

Non-standard campaigns in retail outlets

Stand out from the crowd, and choose non-standard solutions and our ideas.

Brand creation

Many companies come to us with a very clear idea of what they need. During negotiations, it turns out that they in fact need something quite different. Branding is different from analysing what a brand should look like or how to promote it. We will establish what your clients require, and this will help save money and time, that could have been spent on unnecessary tools.
A brand is not just a pretty picture – it is a reputation, experience, trust. Through research and observation, we will design an unforgettable brand for your company, from the logo and copywriting to the promotional materials. What we give our Clients is not just a product, it is also pride and the certainty of a perfect image, which will lead your company to the heights of your industry.
Kreacja marki
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Logo design

Logo design

Simple, appealing and related to your brand. We know what an ideal LOGO should look like.

Skuteczne narzędzia 360°

Effective 360° tools

Make use of a multi-tool system, which guarantees the success of your campaign. Try out 360° marketing.

Kreacja materiałów POS

Creating POS materials

Sales support materials unlimited in form and content. See how to create the best solutions.

Tworzenie efektywnej reklamy

Effective advertisements

We start with the strategy and finish with effects. We will tell you how to create effects fast.

Fotografia reklamowa

Advertising photography

Campaign photo sessions, corporate photography, packshot photography, Internet photos. See for yourself!

Zarządzanie wizerunkiem marki

Brand image

Public relations, consulting, marketing audits, analysis.



We will promote your project online! We’ll start with a strategy and projects, we will create and optimize a technologically superior e-marketing campaign. Our work is based on simple but powerful solutions. What is important is the idea, driven by passion and energy, which aims at understanding and the desired outcome. Through e-marketing, we will empower your brand, your relationships with consumers, we will maximize the value of your message. CLICK and let’s get started!
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Komfortowe i przyjazne witryny internetowe

Websites that are friendly and easy to use

Taste, originality and functionality – decide on the best website!


Integrated Social Media Marketing

Start communicating on social media in a way that will boost your company’s development and internet image.

SEO, SEM, PPC Services

SEO, SEM, PPC services

Click for individual SEO, SEM and PPC strategies, competition analysis and best practice identification.

Opieka i aktualizacja www

Website management and updates

A site that is always perfect, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Seriously!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

CONTENT IS KING! See for yourself how effective managing content is.

Realizacja nietypowych kampanii w sieciach handlowych

Video Marketing

Lights, camera… action! Video marketing is one of the most important tools of the year.



MOBILE is at the heart of digital marketing. Consider it today.

Event communication

We make things happen! The STUDIO FORM team has the background, experience, know-how and imaginative spirit to put on a truly exceptional event. We create, plan, organize, manage and deliver unbelievable event solutions, all brought to life in an unforgettable and successful way. Trust our experience! We can be counted on for openings, ceremonies, conferences, brand promotions, galas, product launches, team building events, business meetings, outdoor events, trade fairs. For us, limits of time, space and possibility do not exist. We will book our Client’s favourite artist, we will deliver the best crockery, and cook up a storm.
Event komunikacja
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Event development

Event development

The event concept, creative preparation and design.

Oprawa sceniczna

Event scenery

Cutting edge technology and expert supervision at your event.

Wydarzenia plenerowe

Outdoor events

At any time or place. Creating the event, equipment, event scenery, marquees, concerts, family picnics, sporting events, promotions.

Organizacja konferencji, prezentacji, spotkań firmowych

Organisation of conferences, presentations and company meetings

Style and elegance, a 100% professional approach, and a wide range of added extras. Try out our experience for yourself!

Account servicing / Obsługa

Account servicing

Solutions that lead to success for an event. Get to know our team and let us take care of yours.

Eventowe aplikacje mobilne

Mobile applications for events

Check out this cutting edge innovation on the market! Get to know your guests and stay in touch with them at all times.

Druk/zintegrowane kampanie marketingowe

Print / integrated marketing campaigns

We create comprehensive advertising campaigns for people, marketing solutions for companies and institutions. We have excellent results in large-scale campaigns, and small ones go brilliantly as well. On time and within budget, working in an integrative approach – from consultation, projects, and TV press or outdoor work, to new product development, packaging and design. We create international campaigns – down to the smallest detail, making use of our knowledge, experience, optimism, energy and something that lies between craziness and passion.
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Druk i reklama DTP

Print / print optimisation

Print solutions and top quality, always, for personalised prices.

Zintegrowane kampanie i kreacja

Integrated campaigns and creative work

A good idea for an integrated campaign is one that WORKS! Find out what we can do.

Outdoor & display

Outdoor & display

Well planned out-of-home campaigns can still help your brand stand out of the crowd. We know how to carry them out.

Aktywacje konsumenckie, wysyłkowe, promocje produktowe

Consumer and mail-based activation, product promotion

Activate your consumers! Show them your product, allow them to test it out with our hostesses, and surprise them with an unusual promotion.

Full Service DTP/projektowanie i skład

Full service DTP / design and layout

Design and preparation for printing with attention to the effect, the colours and …. emotions.

We are here for you. Let’s get to work on your project.